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New viewfinder for  MDT

New viewfinder for MDT

We present the new viewfinder for the terrain and road route of MDT 5.2. Over the model It has been created more intuitive controls of navigation, with displacement and orbit mode, orientation of the observer, displacement on the surface and distance to the objective. The icons allow one to change rapidly to top, frontal or lateral viewing. If we w ...

MDT  manages files for TOPCON  machinery

MDT manages files for TOPCON machinery

Now 5.2 MDT Professional incorporates the management of files that can be used in the equipments of control of TOPCON's machinery, with the 3D-Office program. The implemented conversions are: TIN surfaces (.tn3format), horizontal and survey alignment, and cross section of project (.rd3 format) and cartography or Linework (.ln3 format). These ...

We present the application for scanner laser management  of data

We present the application for scanner laser management of data

The first results of a project of an investigation realized by the construction company SACYR, the University of Jaen and APLITOP, are published in a number of the Mapping magazine. Our work has consisted of the development of a computer application with graphical proper environment for the generation of transverse sections of tunnels from laser sc ...


Present our new Web

The new web of APLITOP present the following changes: With a new news management, news can be subscribed and be read from devices RSS compatible. There is a new organization of products´ information. Improvements of the presentation of novelties and changes in the support. The Compatibility with Explorer 7, Firefox y Netscape, etc is ...


TcpGPS y TcpET compatible with new Leica equipment

With the new Leica GPS900 TcpGPS´ Compatibility has been implemented, this installed in the RX900 controller equipped with the SmartWorks software, so all the application´s features are offered. TcpET has been implemented with the Leica FlexLine TS02/06/09 total station, which can be Bluetooth controlled with any computer Pocket PC 2003, Windows ...


Now MDT 5.2 used with BricsCAD ,it is

It is possible to use MDT 5.2 of low cost CAD. The support is included in the same installation CD. Users with maintenance contract in force can request it. Now we present the version on Bricscad 9, which offers the compatibility with DWG files to AutoCAD 2009 and an interface, which does not need additional learning. Information of Bricsys ...


New products TcpGPS Basic and TcpET Basic

Designed for the users who need an application based on GPS or total station for surveys and setting out with a low cost. Roads and urbanisation projects are not included. The difference is that in the basic versions the options of setting out of alignment, heads and feet, slope control, sections, etc don´t exist. On the contrary, the support ...


TcpET 2.4.2 new verssion

It incorporates the following advantages, between others: Improvements in the images management with ECW support. New cross section viewing. Possibility of activating the thin way by default in configuration. Improvements in calculation of areas command. Possibility of discriminating bases for altimetry or planimetry in inverse intersection. ...


They draw Obama's face with APLITOP's programs

A group of surveyors and volunteers have set out recently on the beach of the Forum (Barcelona) Obama's face, a Catalan architect´s work. Our TCP-MDT program has been used for the work of office, and for setting out it has been used Topcon and TcpGP Software equipments.


TcpTunel CAD 1.6 for AutoCAD 2009

The new post process module of tunnels’ data version incorporates tools of tunnels ´profiles edition, more options for the customization of the profiles and 3D tunnel´s drawing, templates with umbrella, comparison of profiles of different dates, etc. In addition it works with AutoCAD from 14 to 2009 version.

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