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Quarries and Mining


Our technological base makes us attach great importance to I + D + i with direct application to the Topography sector.

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We offer solutions to meet the needs of all types of quarry and mine operations, both open-pit and underground.

Quarries and Mining

    Work Plans

    • Digital models from drone flights
    • Survey plans with contour lines, long and cross sections
    • Design of annual exploitation project
    • Comparison between current status and project
    • Blasting stakeout

    Material Stockpiles

    • Stockpile surveys
    • Calculation of volumes and tons
    • Material stock inventory

    Waste Dumps

    • Survey of mining and sterile waste stockpiles
    • Quantity take-off for areas, volumes and total masses
    • Design and calculation of capacity of new dumps and/or extensions


    • Execution and control of mining tunnels and underground excavations
    • Profiling and stakeout with motorized total stations
    • 3D scanner point cloud analysis


    • Land design and modification
    • Design and execution of tracks and access roads
    • Topographic surveys of auxiliary installations
    • Studies of prospection and exploration of new mining operations
    • Expert reports and trespassing
Quarries and Mining

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