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Topography and Geodesy


Our technological base makes us attach great importance to I + D + i with direct application to the Topography sector.

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Our applications make it very easy to perform surveys with GNSS and total station as well as traverse compensation and coordinate system transformations.

Topography and Geodesy


    • Measurements in rural or semi-urban areas
    • Detailed topographic surveys
    • Stakeout on site
    • Auscultation and monitoring tasks
    • Photogrammetric support
    • Implementation of stakeout control points
    • Bathymetry

    Topographic Calculations

    • Calculation and classical surveying operations
    • Traverse and network compensation
    • GNSS points management


    • Geodetic calculator
    • Local and global coordinate systems
    • Conversion of drawings into different projection systems


    • Property delimitation
    • Georeferencing
    • Cadastral updates
    • Generation of standard files

    Works and Projects

    • Urbanization
    • Plot subdivision
    • Technical assistance of works
Topography and Geodesy

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Success Stories

Transformation to a New Coordinate System
Transformation to a New Coordinate System

Split (Croacia)
In Croatia, the State Geodetic Administration a few years ago changed the coordinate system which we used for many years (HDKS5(6)/GK) to a new (HTRS96/TM) coordinate system. So, we need to transform lots of cadastral maps and surveying drawings to a new coordinate system.

Calculation of Earthwork Volumes
Calculation of Earthwork Volumes

Rovinij (Croacia)
In a camping site near Rovinij (Croatia), a great deal of work had to be taken, which almost 90% of the camping site changed completely. The problem was not the surveying of the new camping site for the surveying office that I work for, but the calculation of the volumes of earthworks for the contractor company.

Earthwork and site staking out
Earthwork and site staking out

Cooperativa Agrícola Santa Ana de Salar S.C.A. is a company founded in 1960, dedicated to the production of olive oil. The objective of the project has been to calculate the earthworks, measurements and staking out of work in a plot located in Salar, Granada.

Earthwork Design and Calculation in Merida, Spain
Earthwork Design and Calculation in Merida, Spain

The objective of the work was to obtain the volumetry of an earthwork executed on a channel, in which the civil work was already initiated.

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