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Aplitop announces integration in the Railway Innovation Hub


Aplitop announces integration in the Railway Innovation Hub

Solutions for the infrastructure and railway transportation sector

Málaga, Spain. July 25, 2023 – Aplitop, developers of geospatial solutions and focused on making the user part of their team, is proud to announce its recent collaboration with the Railway Innovation Hub, the prestigious Spanish cluster recognized internationally for its innovation in the railway and technological fields.

This integration is significant for Aplitop as it will strengthen its presence in the railway sector and help take its solutions to an even more advanced and specialized level, highlighting the following:

🗺 Applications for Topography and Civil Engineering

We have a comprehensive software for all types of topography and civil engineering projects called TcpMDT, particularly effective in railway projects. It allows for alignment in plan, elevation, layout, creation of digital terrain models, contour lines, profiles, and volumes with maximum efficiency and precision.

🌐 Point Cloud and Photogrammetry Applications

Among the most notable solutions is Tcp PointCloud Editor, a leading software for managing point clouds and geospatial data. This innovative tool enables professionals in railway transportation to access and process data efficiently, optimizing decision-making and improving accuracy in each project.

🚇 Applications for Tunnels

Aplitop offers a complete set of solutions that simplify and streamline the control of railway tunnel projects. Using total stations or 3D scanners, these applications ensure precise planning and execution.

With this collaboration, both entities aim to foster innovation and promote the development of cutting-edge railway projects, thus driving progress and efficiency in passenger and freight transportation.

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