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Ottawa (Canada)

Light Train Ottawa

Light Train Ottawa
Location: Ottawa, Canada
Name: Fernando Santiago Merayo
Position: Surveying manager

Use Case

The route of the new Ottawa Light Rail runs underground for 2,533 meters through the city center. There are three stations: Lyon (West), Parliament (East) and Rideau. As per contract, its scope is not limited to the design and construction of the infrastructure but also the maintenance for 30 years of the 12,5 km of the Confederation line.

Light Train Ottawa

I am the surveying manager for the OLRT tunnel project in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I have more than 20 years of experience in tunnel construction around the world. I have worked with various surveying programs to generate simulations and construction plans. Since the beginning of the OLRT project, we have an agreement with the Spanish company Aplitop, for a tunnel topography application.

With this letter I would like to express that this program is covering all of our needs in terms of excavation, shotcrete measurements and on-site lining.

We collect field data from many sources including the Leica Roadrunner application, guidance systems from various roadheaders and the new Leica TS50 scanning part of the tunnel. All these formats are supported by TcpScancyr and we obtain very good results directly in DXF for the drawings and in excel spreadsheets for the records and calculations. TcpScancyr is very powerful because it handles large point clouds very quickly.

Light Train Ottawa

Tunnel sections from 3D scanners

The user interface is also very friendly with extensive possibilities to extract information. The application also interprets most of the alignment and section formats such as cad, xml, etc. Additionally, TcpScancyr can easily make symmetric and asymmetric linear transitions.

However, the best aspect of the deal for this app is the great attitude of the technical support staff. They are diligent and worked quickly to resolve all of the challenges we have presented to them to date.

Therefore, I would like to highly recommend this on-site surveying program for any type of cavern and tunnel project.

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