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2017 Retrospective and Happy Holidays

 2017 Retrospective and Happy Holidays

2017 Retrospective and Happy Holidays

Your success is our success. Thank you so much for this special year and be part of APLITOP.

Special because we recorded a growth of more than 25% internationally. Currently, we have more than 15,000 active licenses worldwide, which allows us to be considered as a leading company for technical response, quality and service in the field of application development software for surveying and engineering civil.

We remind you of some of our great achievements of this year:

• APLITOP is considered the first company to integrate OpenBIM formats into its TcpMDT surveying software, and can import and export axes or surfaces in the IFC alignment format.

 • Compatibility with different manufacturers in their latest generation of total stations, GNSS receivers or scanners (Topcon, Leica, STONEX, Emlid, Satlab, CHC, Faro, etc ...) and more ...

 • Compatibility with the latest 2018 releases from various CAD developers: Autodesk, ZWSOFT and Bricscad.

 • Compatibility with other applications like Pix4D and Revit among others ...

 • Company accredited as an innovative SME by the Spanish government.

  We provide some data and a non-exhaustive video of our actions during this year 2017:




Sweden (January)

Peru (June)

Ecuador (June)

Saudi Arabia (September)

Oman (October)

Extenda - Spain (November)



Budma in Poland (February)

Building Smart Conference in Barcelona (April)

Construmat of Barcelona (May)

4th Topography Forum organized by the CSNGT in France (May)

HI DRONE in Malaga (June)

INTERGEO in Berlin - Germany (September)

BRICSYS Conference in France (October)

National Conference of surveyors of Croatia (October)

bSI International London Summit - UK (November)

BIM Road Project in Madrid (November)

OpenBIM Tour in Granada (November)



COFAS: AMETOP Fair in Morocco (March)

IN AXIS: RETSA Fair (April)


GRUPO TTQ: 3rd CDMX event 2017 (July)

RUNCO: TcpMDT Webinars (August and December)

CAD POINTS: Tunel Webinar (September)

STTEI: TcpMDT Webinar (October)

GRUPO ACRE: Demo Video Leica Antenna + Software TcpGPS Android (October)

ZWSOFT: Webinars Bundles for Europe and the Middle East (June and November)

TUNNEL BUILDER: Tunnel Webinar (November)

ARC GEO: Webinar TcpMDT and Point Cloud in Croatia (December)


THANK YOU very much again for your commitment, and we wish you a 2018 year with great personal and professional success.

We will be closed from December 23 to January 1, 2018 inclusive.


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