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Arabia Saudi and Oman Trade Mission


Arabia Saudi and Oman Trade Mission

Arabia Saudi and Oman

APLITOP SL has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund which aims is to improve the competitiveness of SMEs and through which it was able to participate in the promotional campaign "DIRECT COMMERCIAL MISSION IN SAUDI ARABIA AND OMAN 2017" from September 30 to September 6 October 2017 to promote its internationalization. For this, it had the support of the International Promotion Program of the Chamber of Commerce of Malaga.

We joined this trade mission to strengthen our presence in Saudi Arabia and open new horizons in Oman. Thanks to meeting schedules organized by the respective local trade offices, we were able to make a great tour in the few days we were in each country.

Arabia Saudi

David Vincent, International Business Development Manager of APLITOP met several businessmen from the province of Malaga for a first presentation of the economic and cultural aspects in this country by Antonio Gomez and Juan Balerdi of the Commercial Office of the Embassy of Spain in Saudi Arabia. Then, each businessman met with his assigned analyst, to prepare the meetings and the last details of the agenda. We would like to thank Nicolas Mendialdua de Lecea for the quality of his services and his professionalism.

We met with major construction companies, public administrations and consultants interested in our applications.

The next day, we went to the meeting of CWG-METRO, in charge of a project of 5.600 billion dollars, including 3.600 for civil works, which is an active user of our applications TcpMDT, TcpTunnel & CAD and TcpScancyr. With our tools, it has completed 43 km of lines, including 22 metro stations, a 24-km viaduct, 8 km of tunnel and the rest at level. We want to thank especially for their time and commitment to our brand Julian Alonso Redondo and Oscar del Campo Quera.

On the last day, we visited our current distributor ZAN MODERN Company, and the person who represents our product in this business: Amr Maher. We were able to talk about the contacts we visited and possible plan actions to improve our business relationship.


Based on the same pattern as the trade mission to Saudi Arabia, the first destination of the business delegation from Malaga was the Spanish Trade Office in Oman, where we received among others Isabel Parra, coordinator of our agenda. We were able to meet previously selected companies who had expressed interest in knowing or representing our applications in the country.

The market in Oman is characterized by the existence of large groups formed by companies for different commercial purposes. Thus, we have been able to find "holdings" which, apart from the sale of surveying devices and software are also renowned builders in the region and potential customers. Among others, the Suhail Bahwan Group, BIM Salim Enterprises, International Integrated Equipment LLC and Al Ansari Trading ...

We would like to emphasize the kindness during this mission of the Ambassador of Spain for his invitation to a very pleasant dinner, and finally Ivan Cortes of the Chamber of Commerce of Malaga, who accompanied us during these days for his availability and his professionalism to respond to our requests at any time.



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