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MDT in OpenBIM workflows


MDT in OpenBIM workflows

At APLITOP, we are committed to implementing the BIM methodology in the sector, as well as supporting initiatives such as OpenBIM for the use of open formats for data exchange.

Export of surfaces in IFC format

MDT can now export surfaces in IFC format versions 2 x 3 and 4, which makes it easy to integrate with all kinds of BIM applications.


IFC-Road Working Group

APLITOP formalized its commitment in the working group to define the new IFC-Road format for the exchange of BIM road project data at the Standards Summit in Barcelona organized by buildingSMART International. The document defines the scope of collaboration for this project, involving public and private entities from Korea, Germany, France, Sweden, Finland and China.

This participation is part of the activities of the ROADBIM project, a R&D initiative whose general objective is to achieve more efficient development of road construction projects throughout their lifecycles through the application of BIM in information management processes.

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 Exchange alignments with IFC Alignment

At this conference, we also realized the first live demonstration of a commercial application capable of importing and exporting files in the IFC Alignment format. This format allows the exchange of data from surveying surfaces and alignments in plan and elevation through an extension of the IFC standard, which facilitates the exchange of BIM data with open and independent formats.

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How to get these new products?

These extensions will be provided free of charge to all users with an existing maintenance contract. If you do not have an up-to-date license or would like to request a quotation, contact your distributor or ask us for more information.


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