Aplitop: photovoltaic-plant-assembly-billeberga


Assembly of Solar Modules

Billeberga, Sweden

Instalación de los módulos fotovoltaicos
Company: ENERFOVOL, S.L.
Locations: Madrid, Spain
Name: Víctor Romero
Qualification: Land Surveyor
Main activities: Engineering and Construction.
Web: www.mendilurposition.com

Use Case

The project consisted of the assembly of solar modules for the photovoltaic plant in Billeberga, Sweden. 1,800 points were staked out to locate the double pilings or drives of the fixed metal structures. The difference between the front and rear pilings had to be 45º, so that the panels had the same inclination, and always oriented towards the south, in order to achieve the best light capture.

Trabajos de la instalación

The work was carried out with two Emlid Reach RS2 GNSS receivers: a fixed one with known coordinates as a fixed base, and a mobile receiver that received the RTK corrections.

The field software used was Aplitop's TcpGPS for Android, working in a graphical environment and using the cartography as base map, which facilitated and expedited the stakeout work.

The selection of the points to stake out was done from codes and graphically, and the stake out mode used in this case was the last staked out point as a reference.

TcpGPS for Android
TcpGPS for Android

All-in-one solution for surveying and setting-out with GNSS receivers

We worked with a DXF drawing in the background to help us locate the points. By recording the staked points we were able to add voice notes and photographs associated with unique points to complement their information.

Since it was a software developed for the Android operating system, it greatly facilitated the management and exchange of project data, by having direct access to data synchronized in the Google Drive cloud.

Another advantage of the Android operating system is being able to access software updates and improvements from the Play Store.

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