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MDT pioneer application in incorporating the determination of uncertainties.


MDT pioneer application in incorporating the determination of uncertainties.

Aplitop is a company deeply committed to research and development. On this occasion, we have partnered with the AssIST research group (Assessment Infrastructures with Surveying Techniques Researching Group) from the University of Oviedo, whose work is aimed at finding solutions to problems related to Surveying and Metrology, mainly in the field of Civil Engineering, through applied research.

This collaboration, under the project entitled "Improvement of the MDT-Professional application in relation to the expression of uncertainty and adaptation of the TCP-Control application to the acquisition of signals from structural monitoring sensors", has allowed the MDT application to become one of the pioneers in its field by incorporating the determination of uncertainties in surveying measurements. In addition, the TCP Control application integrates now both surveying instruments and traditional sensors for the control of deformations in structures.

The research carried out by Aplitop and AssIST allows to determine surfaces estimating both its value and uncertainty, hence in compliance with international guidelines on metrology. The results of this research have been published under the title Uncertainties estimation in surveying measurands: application to lengths, perimeters and areas in the scientific journal Measurement Science and Technology (DOI: https://doi.org/10.1088/1361-6501/aa7b9d). The research was carried out by Dr. Enrique Covián Regales (BE, PhD Agricultural Engineering) from the University of Oviedo, Dr. Miguel Casero Flórez (BE, MsC, PhD Civil Engineering) currently from the University College Dublin and formerly from the University of Oviedo, and by Víctor Puente García (BE Geodesy and Cartography Engineering), of the National Geographic Institute of Spain. In the coming months, the dissemination of further results is planned, focusing on the determination of uncertainty in the calculation of volumes.


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