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Release of the new version Tcp MDT 7.5

release mdt75

Release of the new version Tcp MDT 7.5

Buy it now and take advantage of the more than 60 enhancements and new features of this magnificent new version, such as:

  • Import and export surfaces and meshes in much more formats
  • Flood zones simulation analysis
  • Improved connectivity with GIS systems
  • Profiles Representation Styles, and road design rules, adapted to many Countries
  • Longitudinal Profiles with Catenary curve of power lines
  • Longitudinal Profiles including points in pipes of suction and drains
  • Volume Calculation with plots separately
  • Incorporation of uncertainty in the coordinates of the points and areas, depending on which survey equipment is used, and the technical specifications of Total Station and GNSS
  • Exchange of coordinate axes to treat vertical facades, vertical side slopes, wells, etc.

And much more…

TcpMDT 7.5 version is free for all users license of previous versions that have hired and current maintenance service.

Invest now in the software of civil engineering and surveying easier to use and powerful of the market!, and take advantage immediately, the return on investment!

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