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TcpScancyr 1.7

TcpScancyr 1,7

TcpScancyr 1.7

More features and new supported project types

We have released a new version of TcpScancyr for Tunnels, with a set of new features summarized as follows:

• It works with open templates, suitables for road, opencast mining and mobile mapping projects

• It supports spiral and self-crossing alignments, for underground mining, galleries, etc.

• Besides previous formats (TXT, PTS/PTX, FZS, FLS y E57) now it can import LiDAR (LAS), compressed LAS (LAZ) and Leica Nova MS-50 (XCF)

• Drawing of 3D polylines using point cloud as reference

• Quick creation of alignments by selecting points over cross-section

• Customization of color palettes and interval values in inspection map

• Circle fit with real alignment plan and front views

• New gauges and bolts report

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