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APLITOP in Saudi Arabia


APLITOP in Saudi Arabia

Our software is being used for the construction of subway lines at Riyadh

In the capital of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia one of the most important engineering projects in the world is being constructed: 6 subway lines with a total of 176 Km. and 85 stations.

Lines 1 and 2 have a total of 63 Km., mostly underground, and 35 stations. BACS consortium that is carrying out the work is composed by companies Bechtel (USA), Almabani (Saud Arabia), CCC (Middle East) y  Siemens (Germany). Line 3 (total of 40,7 Km. and 22 stations) is awarded to the ANM ArRiyadh New Mobility consortium, for which Spanish company Idom provides engineering and architectural services. To build the lines 4, 5 and 6 (64,6 Km. and 25 stations) the FAST consortium led by the Spanish company FCC including Samsung (Korea), Alstom and Setec (France), Strukton (Netherlands), Freyssinet Saudi Arabia and Typsa (Spain) for engineering.

The presence of APLITOP programs is very important in these works, where our tunnel applications TcpScancyr and TcpTunnel are being used intensively, and also we have provided multiple MDT licenses for all kinds of surveying tasks.

A few days ago we have visited these works accompanied by our distributor Zan Moden, in order to get first-hand knowledge about the needs of these important customers, making easier the evolution of our applications.

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