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Featured Aplications

Field Work Applications
Field Work Applications

Our field applications make surveying and stakeout with GNSS receivers or total stations very easy.

Surveying applications
Surveying applications

MDT, used by thousands of users around the world, is a one-stop solution for carrying out all types of topographic projects, making everything possible from modelling the terrain of a plot to executing complex road or urbanisation projects.

Tunnel Applications
Tunnel Applications

Our solutions give you simple and rigorous control when building tunnels for roads, railways, underground mines and galleries, with total stations or 3D scanners.

Point Cloud and Photogrammetry
Point Cloud and Photogrammetry

This group of applications allows you to manage geomatic data such as point clouds from scanners, LiDAR or photogrammetry, as well as orthoimages, digital elevation models and oriented aerial images.

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BIM & Innovation

APLITOP actively participates with buildingSMART International to implement IFC Alignment and IFC Road formats, to be used in the open data exchange of terrain surfaces, roads, railways, tunnels, etc.

APLITOP, as a technology-based company, attaches great importance to the R+D+i with direct application of the Surveying sector, participating in both public initiative projects and other projects with its own funding.


BIM & Innovation

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