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2.1. Create Project

In order to avoid having to remember each of the files making up a project, a type of file to store the links to each of its essential components has been created.
All these components should be kept in the same folder where the project is to be created.
Once the name of the project to be created is entered, a screen is shown where the files making up the project should be selected:
The Points, Control Points, Horizontal Alignment, etc. buttons allow one to select each of the components making up the project. Of all of these, stations and superelevations are not obligatory.
Within Template Orientation, it must be selected if the profiles are created vertical or perpendicular to horizontal alignment. The latest option should be used for tunnel with high slopes.
Perpendicular to vertical alignment
Pressing the Edit... buttons open an editor to create or modify the selected item. With the OK button creates the project indicated containing the files selected.
The different kinds of files requested are described below.