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Istanbul (Turkey)

Funicular line construction on Istanbul metro

Measuring tunnel as built
Web: www.ankarainsaat.net
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Name: Özgür Terkin
Qualification: Surveying Group Sef
Position: Surveying Engineer
Email: [email protected]
Main activities: In the working life of more than a quarter century, it has successfully completed many factory constructions, dam-pond-irrigation canals, building superstructure-housing constructions, port embankments and highway constructions.
Web: http://www.paksoyteknik.com.tr/

Use Case

The F4 line of Istanbul Metro, officially referred to as the Boğaziçi Üni./Hisarüstü–Aşiyan is an 850 m long funicular railway, currently under construction, in Beşiktaş, Istanbul. When completed, it will become the fourth funicular line in Istanbul as well as the longest, surpassing the F3 line by 100 m. The line will traverse a height difference of about 116.1 m and total travel time is estimated at 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

The line is being built between the Rumeli Hisarustu region and Asiyan Park along the Bosphorus coast. When completed, its integration with the M6 line will facilitate transport between the coast and Buyukdere Street.

The tender published by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and the Rail System Department was won by ANKARA İNŞAAT, that is in charge of the surveying of the project.

The tunnel is 791 meters long with a slope of 14.25 %, having an approximate width of 10 meters and a height of 7.20 meters.

Aerial view of funicular line

ANKARA İNŞAAT used 2 TOPCON GT503 total stations for monitoring the construction process.

They also purchased APLITOP field and office tunnel applications.

TcpTunnel was installed onboard of the total station and was used for measuring automatically the tunnel as-built and showing the theoretical and measured tunnel section, with top and front views displaying infra and over-excavation areas. It also has functions for setting out the front, pavement or tunnel profiles, checking control points, etc.

Tunnel front

TcpTunnel CAD is the complementary office application that processes tunnel surveying data measured by total stations running TcpTunnel. It was used for calculating and drawing cross-sections, generating area and volume reports and creating as-built 3D models.

Both total station and software was supplied by PAKSOY TEKNIK, official distributor of APLITOP in Turkey.


Surveying and tunnel setting-out

TcpTunnel CAD
TcpTunnel CAD

Postprocessing of tunnel data

The combination of APLITOP software and TOPCON total stations has been a very helpful and cost-effective solution during the construction process of tunnels in this project.

Tunnel cross-section drawing generated by TcpTunnel CAD
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