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Split (Croatia)

Transformation to a new coordinate system

Krešimir Dobrović, mag.ing.geod et geoinf. Geographica d.o.o.
Company: Geographica d.o.o.
Web: www.geographica.hr
Location: Split (Croatia)
Name: Krešimir Dobrović
Position: Mag.Ing.Geod. et Geoinf.
Main activities: Geographica d.o.o. is a surveying company and we are doing jobs in different fields of geodesy like land surveying, hydrographic, GIS services, Cultural heritage and architecture, Civil engineering ….
Dealer: ArcGeo
Web: www.arcgeo.hr

Use Case

In Croatia, our State Geodetic Administration a few years ago changed the coordinate system which we used for many years (HDKS5(6)/GK) to a new (HTRS96/TM) coordinate system. So, we need to transform lots of cadastral maps and surveying drawings to a new coordinate system.

In geodetic projects, we often need to insert digital ortho-photo as basemap in our drawings.

For most of the civil engineering projects clients demand to be done quickly, so we must be able to produce DTM, contours and profiles from measured points as soon as possible.

In a one big project of building business zone the architect needs information about volumes of ground which will need to be taken after leveling the terrain in few stages of different elevation.

For this problem, I didn’t have solution at all. I tried to transform just the coordinates, but not a whole drawing. MDT helped me a lot whit this problem, with this application is easy and fast to transform the whole drawing from one coordinate system to another in both directions.

Use case Croatia Geographica

Just with a few mouse clicks, now I can insert a digital ortho-photo with desired dimension from a WMS service that I need.

Use case Croatia Geographica

From measured points, first I created surface and then contours with selected criteria. It’s a lot easier than the other programs for creating contours.

Use case Croatia Geographica

First I create the surface from the cloud of points collected with drone. Then I calculate the surface difference between terrain surface and the planned flat surface with several cascades. The result of that is volume of ground which will need to be taken after leveling the terrain.

Use case Croatia Geographica
TcpMDT Standard (and AUTOCAD)
TcpMDT Standard

Surveys, digital terrain model, contours, profiles and volumes

The biggest benefit for me is that now I do not need to use lots of different programs and AutoCAD lisp utilities to find the solutions for land surveyor tasks. I have all in one place, all what I need is Aplitop MDT. The application is very simply and understandably for use.

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