"We are users of APLITOP products for many years, and they stand out for their performance, ease of use and learning, so you can start working immediately.They give high quality technical support, and they deploy improvements suggested by our users. These programs are approved by the company for use in all kinds of projects

Antonio Esteban

Surveying Manager


"The company APLITOP, contractor of services for surveying and geomatics software, has been providing its services to Ferrovial in the works and design office for last 18 years.
FERROVIAL AGROMAN S.A., as user of APLITOP products, wants to report that they stand out for their performance and ease of use. The simplicity of applications facilitate their incorporation, and the lack of prior training is not a drawbackTechnical support is of high quality, and most suggestions made by our users are implemented. These applications are recognized by the company for using in all types of projects

Luis Moratinos Siles

Chief Surveyor of Technical Department


"My name is Agustín López Doval and right now I held the position of Sales Manager for Iberia and Central America in the GeoMax company.
GeoMax International is a new and emerging industrial brand belonging to the International Hexagon A.G. Group, and we are working in the manufacture and marketing of precision measurement equipment for Surveying and Construction, so the contribution of a software company such as APLITOP is the key to increase the performance and production given by our instruments to customers and end users.
In my more than 24 years of professional experience, I am Official Distributor of APLITOP products worldwide since 18 years, and I would like to highlight the performance, ease of use and learning curve of MDT software. This application gives us the option to start working and get expected results immediately.
I would also like to give a special mention to the APLITOP team, because their technical support has high quality, and they devote themselves to make improvements suggested by users constantly.
Finally I want to mention that these programs are accredited both by its functional strength highlighted and endorsed by the opinions of the multitude of users and broad range of applications.

Agustín López Doval

Sales Manager for Iberia and Central America


"To whom it may concern,
I am head of surveying on the OLRT Tunnel project in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I have over 20 years of experience in tunneling construction all over the world. I have worked with several surveying programs to generate tunneling take offs and as-builts. Since the commencement of the OLRT project, we have had an agreement with the Spanish company, Aplitop, for a tunneling survey application. With this letter we would like to state that this program is covering all our needs in in terms of excavation, shotcrete measurements and lining as-built. We collect field data from many different sources including the Leica roadrunner application, the guidance systems on the various tunneling machines and the new Leica TS50 scanning portion of the tunnel. All of these formats are supported by TcpScancyr and we get very good result directly in DXf for the drawings and in excel spreadsheet for records and calculations. Tcpscancyr is very powerful because it manages a large cloud of points really quickly. The interface is also very user friendly with rich possibilities to extract information. The application also understands the majority of formats for alignment and sections like cad, xml, etc.
In addition, TcpScancyr can easily make all the symmetric and asymmetric lineal transitions. However the best aspect of this application agreement, is the great attitude of the technical support personal. They have diligently and quickly worked to solve all the challenges that we have posed to them to date.
Therefore, I would strongly recommend this surveying as-built program for any type of cavern and tunneling projects."

Fernando Santiago Merayo

Technical Office Manager

Segment #2

OLRT Constructors/Constructeurs

Confederation Line

529 Albert St, Ottawa, Ontario

K1A 1M5

"To whom it may concern:
For eight years I am the Surveying and Technical Office Manager of Barcelona Metropolitan Railway, a company for transporting people in the metropolitan area of Barcelona.
To ensure and enhance this transport our technical teams design projects and perform maintenance works and installation improvements. One of the facilities that requires more detailed studies are the tunnels and stations. We must study the sizes and types of structures, and this is needed in order to keep improving the track layout, achieving higher commercial speed and travel comfort.
Whenever we make any change in the geometry of tracks, it’s mandatory to study the impact of this in the gauges, because the margins are very small. We have tried other programs for processing scanner data, but undoubtedly the best is TcpScancyr, because it integrates smoothly point files with alignments. It’s fast and easy to use.
That is why, to whom may concern, I recommend its use in similar environments to the one I have described.

Saturio Delgado Medina

Surveying and Technical Office Manager

Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona

"This software is powerful and it is probably cheaper than any other; it can run with autodesk, zwcad,; the main reason to buy is because it is easy and direct to use, probably in two days you can work with it without any problems. I have 7 licenses of it and we works around the world in many projects and if you have any problem you can contact by telephone, skype and if you have any problem with a file you can send them and the give you the solution."

Melchor J. Aguilar


Topomar Topographers

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