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3D Stereo in any PC

3D Stereo in any PC

3D Stereo in any PC

TcpStereo works with anaglyph glasses
TcpStereo works with anaglyph glasses

TcpStereo works with practically any graphical card and screen, with simple glasses with coloured filters (anaglyph), also with professional equipments.

The images generated by the program can be recorded, send by e-mail or printed, allowing seeing on 3D stereo without need of special equipments.

  • Economic and professional systems compatible
  • For analog and digital images
  • Cartography viewing on 3D model
  • CAD Synchronization
  • Tools of drawing and edition over vectorial cartography
  • Rapid and realistic view of the terrain
  • 3D Measurement
  • Cartography Checking
  • Points, contours and polylines 3D digitalization with CAD exit.
  • Town planning
  • Civil Engineering
  • Environmental Service
  • Quarry and big landslides where systems of photogrametrical restitution are applied.
  • Edition, checking and update of cartography through digital and analog fights.

If you want to try the product, you can download a version of evaluation. Likewise, you can request a free DVD with example images and glasses only writing to [email protected], indicating the matter “TcpStereo Demo " and address and information of contact.

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Example of image generated with coloured filters
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