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New stereoscopic viewfinder


New stereoscopic viewfinder

Stereo Viewing of Orientated Aerial photographies

We present a new product for the Stereo Viewing of Orientated Aerial photographies. It is very easy to use so new users can be introduced in digital photography of low cost.

We want to emphasized the following applications:
• Town planning.
• Civil Engineering.
• Environmental service.
• Quarry and big landslides where systems of photogrametrical restitution are applied.
• Edition, checking and update of cartography through digital and analog fights.

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• Economical and professional system compatible for analog and digital images.
• Cartography 3D View .
• CAD Synchronization .
• Tools of drawing and edition over vectorial cartography.
• Rapid and realistic viewing of the terrain.
• 3D Measure.
• Cartography checking.
• Digitalization of points, contour and 3D polylines with CAD exit.
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