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Topcon Magnet with MDT 7.5 and vice versa.

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Now you can easily import points and breaklines from a survey done with Magnet Field and export a network or segment of MDT in order to trace it in situ.

Importing surveys

To import into MDT a survey done with Magnet Field of Topcon, we must first export the points, lines and areas of the project in LandXML format with the application wizard included.

Then within MDT, you just need to run the import command of the LandXML format in the Utilities menu, selecting all components.

See technical note and video in the following links:

Importing a Survey of Topcon Magnet Field into MDT


Export Segments

To export a road or a route segment developed with Topcon Magnet, you first need to execute the command to export to LandXML from the Utilities menu by selecting the segment file and choosing Topcon Magnet 3.0 export mode or higher.

In Magnet Field, we must use the wizard to exchange data from the file, selecting all its components which, when completed, will allow us to trace the road.

See technical note and video in the following links:

Exporting segment from MDT to TOPCON Magnet



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APLITOP, the first company in the world to implement the IFC Alignment format


Today, has been introduced at the Barcelona Summit organized by buildingSMART International the first live demonstration of a commercial application that is capable of importing and exporting files in the IFC Alignment format. This format allows to exchange data on surveying surfaces and alignments in plan and elevation through an extension of the IFC standard, which facilitates the exchange of BIM data with open and independent formats.

APLITOP Presentation in Barcelona Summit

Live demonstration Part1

Live demonstration Part2

Example files

Technical presentations in Barcelona Summit


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APLITOP joins to IFC Road workgroup for BIM applied to roads


The Spanish companies APLITOP and APOGEA have become stakeholders of this workgroup for defining the new IFC-Road format for exchange of road BIM data, in Barcelona Standards Summit organised by buildingSMART International. This document defines the scope of collaboration for this project, having as participants public and private organizations from Korea, Germany, France, Sweden, Finland and China.

APLITOP demonstrates again its commitment to the implementation of BIM methodology in the sector, as well as support for initiatives such as OpenBIM for the use of open formats for data exchange. 

In addition, APLITOP has been the first software company in the world to deploy the new IFC Alignment standard in its software MDT. 

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Generation of GML files with TcpGPS


TcpGPS can load cadastral cartography files in shape or DXF formats, using them as basemaps, as well as perform parcel surveys. In addition, from version 4.1.5 the parcels can be exported to GML format according to the INSPIRE initiative.

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